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Barnes, a pistol and safety vest

2 Washington State Police, which killed one day before the police sniper Mount Rainier National Park confirm suspicions death and its cause is uncertain, the police said it might be cold and Moncler jackets. The report says the suspect is a veteran of the war could be “PTSD” in the house to lay down their arms. American women in the park of a shot clock in the morning on the duty of Margarita, a shot by men Lujian driving. Police identified the man of 24 years, Benjamin “deep mistrust”, hundreds of police immediately closed the investigation. Police found the car abandoned weapons and bulletproof vests Barnes, has the capacity to survive, evade bear arms.
Pierce County, said police spokesman Ed two days after a day of investigation, police discovered the body of Mr. Barnes, “T-shirts, jeans, tennis wear.” Middle of the park into a body of ice and snow, mountain, part of the immersion in water, without trauma. Special Luoyan Barnes said, and possibly death. The order of the anatomy of the coroner to determine cause of death. The police had allowed the production of heat homing Moncler with the institution, research the way that support for Barnes snow. The enforcement of the law, seems to be rejected and trace the path of snow, designed to detect the channel exhaust. Park police told reporters Chuck responsible journalist, I found the location of bodies focusing distance of 2.4 km from Barnes.
The police, who shot to avoid another study, Barnes and flew to the park. 1, from 03:00 hours on New Year’s Eve party shooting near Seattle and four wounded, two seriously. According to many witnesses, many people carry guns to the party and the people around you to show some firearms in the conflict that broke the shooter. Barnes has three people fled Moncler jackets. The blocking of the police and two others in contact with the Barnes family tried to leave the family in order to convince Barnes Initiative, “the police to spend on things.”



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