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Direct use of light instead

As reported by the National Geographic site, Moncler, says Einstein’s gravity will result in less time. Now researchers at Cornell University held a kind of stagnation time seemed solutions, thanks to the light to create the curve on a flight, at least on the surface at the time was the phenomenon of stagnation. Experts say the first real experience as a time difference between the lens of experience, also the first results of invisible objects in space and time and experience. New research in the last thoughts of inspiration “stealth” technology, has the “stealth” for what is called bending visible light, so the effect invisible white. Principle was reached on the bending of light around the target object, instead of the light directly on the target object so that light does not appear that the diffusion and reflection on the scope of his vision of the invisible observer, the object surface Moncler station disappear.
Cornell University scientists using similar methods to produce a time, albeit briefly, but the time is stopped according to the length of each about 40 billion dollars. Cornell University physicist Alex-over. “The tower is the main author, add the tower, said:” Imagine, you can let the light of the time, then accelerate slowly, so you can create a vacuum in the beam. In this case, the time will not be in the incident, the scattered light, it’s like it never happened. “In the tower, for example, add” at the museum, sometimes laser scanning to protect the treasures of art. The probe laser beams moncler jackets suddenly laser scanning back and forth constantly accidents, or reserves, as there is space laser through the laser radiation, which at the time the alarm sounds. But if some devices, some of the acceleration, deceleration of the laser beam laser beam can exit occurs when the laser beam. At this point, the situation is again the same position as you are, so that the probe is not what happened. “


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