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For personal reasons were the resignation

White House chief Middle East advisor Dennis 10, personal reasons, announced his resignation, now President Obama took office in 2009, named at the beginning of the three special envoys for the Middle East and South Asia to replace all. As the Gulf and South-West and the affairs of the Special Adviser on Ross made a statement, said he accepted the appointment of Obama’s wife had promised moncler jackets open two years, is leaving the company, now that he was ” with the promise of the time. ” The spokesman Jay White House press at a press conference, Ross said he wanted to leave earlier this year, as expected, but for the Middle East and North Africa, the political development of severe turbulence, the result is there to be close to a term of one year.

Ross Carney in the affairs of Iran has contributed a great deal of praise that U.S. sanctions and work hard to Iran, “designed” to isolate and said earlier this year, “Arab spring” after the outbreak of the movement, studied how the White House on the stones to help the situation on the ground. As high-level experts in the Middle East increased 62 years in the most famous of the profession, and maintains close relations with Israeli leaders. In the moncler decision and the southwest and the economy after the Special Counsel, was Obama on Iran is one of the most trusted advisors, and often to give lectures in the Middle East to the Palestinians in Israel. 10, Ross announced his resignation, which is the Middle East and helped the Obama administration on the issue of South Asia three “former minister” replace all.

In January 2009, after the White House, Barack Obama, in less than two months, three special envoy for Middle East and South Asia to attend the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Moncler. 3 more people from outside Ross, Middle East envoy, George is still as economics, HuoErBuLuKe as Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan issues. Results in December 2010 in the work of the Council of State HuoErBuLuKe has had a heart attack and died, not three days after his post by former ambassador to Turkey, is brand ambassador in May this year was followed by George also announced his resignation, and its position in its own “in hand”, took over the former deputy special representative to visit David in the Middle East.



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