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Star Tamiflu flu recently qualified patients can suffer serious illness or death. More recently, the Japanese non-profit “Center for Medical Alert,” a study of the drug Tamiflu is waiting line Moncler in a patient with sudden onset of shortness of breath is a symptom, and even death. Tamiflu by Swiss company Roche is developing resistance to drugs against influenza. To participate in the daily economic news reporters in the mobile nature, this person said that the expert should be responsible individuals and leaders who were no fixed answer.

According to press reports, research in Japan about the state of the UK Department moncler data were published as a basis, the results show that there was the death of 119 patients Tamiflu, a drug for 38 people for 12 hours in a condition injury or death, and you take one of the other drugs against influenza has signed more than 15 m patients with death is one of 12 hours of severe symptoms. The data show the list in October 1999 is the first reaction, the volume of sales in 2002 as well, selling a total of just over 550 boxes. However, let’s Tamiflu bird flu “turn”.

Worried about bird flu spread to the mass, the World Health Organization recommends loan Dafei storage, successive governments of the pharmaceutical company Roche sends commands. The reporter was looking like a star of the flu, is not the first time check. Japan is using the power of Tamiflu in 2007, the Japanese government decided against the flu drug Tamiflu, a study to determine whether the result will be a little patient Moncler clothing in abnormal behavior began to fight. Since then, the FDA also issued to patients, especially children with racing thoughts cause side effects to these warnings. Although not get the Tamiflu and the links between madness, but Roche’s Tamiflu, or to change manually, said a psychiatric effects aders content. Advisory Group, told analysts recently that the pharmaceutical industry, the morning light, which is listed in the medication used, the process of all kinds of side effects are normal, so that drug companies are collected should be collected to get information about the medications have side effects, and upgrading from a drug reaction adverse effects of medication.


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