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Chemical toxicity, carcinogenicity

The International Criminal Police Organization recently issued an arrest warrant, along with a “red” is a French catering company (PIP) is the founder of Massey Crowe has to stop. He said the group in Costa Rica online Moncler suspected violation of the “life and health” was Javier rates. Research shows, the cost of PIP to a manufacturing company to save the breast enlargement, when not in use is approved by regulatory authorities in silicon silica healthcare industry is very high and broken, the leakage rate. According to a report on the use of silicone breast augmentation offers women PIP and eight cases of cancer of the report, the majority of breast cancers. The product after exposure, the company offers PIP was closed last year, the company Moncler silica gel breast augmentation with disabilities are also output. But before that, the company sold PIP global organization of over 300 thousand pieces of gel increases the conversion of income into silica.

The French government on December 23, 2011, announced that 30,000 women were abducted in the breast of silica gel to increase the government to provide financial support to hire them. Health officials revealed, Ministry of Health at a cost of € 60 million for the elimination of breast augmentation silica gel French women. British officials said there was no evidence of companies silica gel has breast implants PIP chemical toxicity or carcinogenicity, there is no reason for the silica gel implants, women have been eliminated. It is reported that as many British women founded the silica gel to increase breast 50,000 false. However, the spokesman for the British Association of Cosmetic Surgeons, British women should consider, in the wrong body, “because there Moncler the high failure rate and absolute quality.” Create PIP, horses or the character “mysterious.” According to the International Criminal Police website in the material, Massey was born May 24, 1939. Paris, a plastic surgeon, said Patrick Massey to your 1981, but never used PIP products company. “He has no medical training. Committed to breast enlargement, to do so before the silica gel is a sale Rouf had ham and hot dogs.”


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