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Meeting the promise of Tuesday night

Canada Quebec Valeria Skaf shooting, police said the four men in theft of parking a bus to 72,000 kg of chicken bones HuoGuiChe suspected, but sell for the owner of the hen of origin, in line Moncler lose things were arrested. Watts, a spokesman called the police, the picture HuoGuiChe goal is the source of Toronto, was stolen in Montreal on Monday, but the parking lot. For Tuesday, has this many bones of calls received from the former owner of the chickens, if someone interested in buying the chicken bones, sold for $ 4.5 per kilo. The owner of the face to feel suspicious, with the men in the UK moncler more committed to meet late on Tuesday, but after the owner of the notification of the police, Watts.

Watts said the heat, to identify the owner of the wooden box in the group’s brand of chicken bones before they were stolen. Within minutes, police go to the location of the four men involved in the prison. The four men are suspects aged between 27 and 54, and face a series of counts of theft. Four people were released, must be new, but at a later date to appear in court. According to these reports Moncler clothing, police are now around 350 cases of chicken bones, but the picture is not HuoGuiChe.


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