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Square put up About Top 20 individual tents

Moncler from all corners of Great Britain line 9 thousand students and media “in the demonstrations in central London, protests in universities and tuition fees are increased privatization in 4000 to defend the police, is the parade of the peace process, nor sun serious conflicts receive messages, said the parade in the city and the Cathedral of St. Paul “was held in London,” before delivering them to effect the appointment of the protesters. When the reporter arrived at noon in the vicinity of the Cathedral of St. Paul does not have the program but found that the police bs line train number, many of the police car and surrounded by armed with Moncler vests to protect police, the Exchange London is almost full. Then the journalist in the vicinity of Trafalgar Square, in front under the slogans of the flag parade “accompany” a number of police officers “and” Police see, after the number of police cars “last”, the police were in the fleet of helicopters, almost parade in his pocket. The demonstrators called “free education” were “abandoned tuition fees” and “cut”, “Cameron to resign” signs banners and chanted slogans. While police kept, but there are still a few people showed up at a breakthrough marched in Trafalgar Square, about 20 tents, but was later withdrawn by police.

If journalists underground after his return to St. Paul’s Cathedral, near the police found a significant increase, but not along the parade route at the Museum of London “held in London” does not meet before March, and the action of the protesters plan to participate. The British government has decided that next year are the highest enrollment rates to increase to 9,000 pounds per year, which is about three times the current enrollment. Late last year, London has been massive protests and finally became serious violence. You must learn the lessons of last year and August this year, the experience of the police in London, warned in September as the parade in the process of serious violence, it will use its rubber bullets against the perpetrators. In JingGaoSheng and more experience with the police about the last nine peace process and the stage of the parade from years of violence in the form of extremely high contrast. Evaluation of the police, the “national education movement” of the jacket Moncler case of the organization, participants were more than 2000 people, but after seeing the journalist, the actual number could be far from this number. Although the peace process and parade around, but police released the same day another 20 people were arrested but not disclose the specific reason for the detention.



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The Attorney General of the International

“Not escape justice,” The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court General 9 moncler jackets, The Hague, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, said he believed that Gaddafi’s son says Yifu is relevant also to gather intelligence chief Libya ordered the rape of men at the door of Mr. West, Abdullah the application of evidence based on the soldiers. The International Criminal Tribunal in The Hague earlier this year to the former leader of Libya’s Gaddafi and his son, “Mr. West Yifu and plug three CNN International, published by the International Police Organization also in the Red Bulletin to help more 180 countries, members arrested three people. Three men have agreed to include “humanitarian sin,” the series of crimes.

Gaddafi was taken up dead as luck in his hometown, Luis Moreno-Ocampo in several interviews that now issued by the criminal court for the arrest of the three objectives, we have two suspects son of Gaddafi “moncler online intelligence chief and Libya, Alessio M. Westgate. Moreno Ocampo said the court would follow the evidence and still continue to try to catch two people. The beginning of November, the Security Council of the United Nations said it had ordered the investigation of Mr. West has plug soldiers loyal to Gaddafi’s allegations of rape on a large scale. Moreno-Ocampo also said it’s the last time you contacted Yifu himself in two weeks. once said, “go to the International Yifu Criminal Court, but Yifu back “now its refusal to” request.

According to reports, on October 31, the media, Yifu in the register of the International Criminal Court accused, visited New “an intentional misrepresentation.” His intention is suggested that even Moncler Libyan territory and the international connection, Mr. West. On the other hand, reported to authorities in Libya, “Transitional National Committee, hope in Libya Yifu and connect the national judge Mr. West. Moreno-Ocampo said that in January and” transitional national committee to meet with representatives organizations to discuss the issues.

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The headquarters of the Syrian Arab League

Protesters angry at line 9 moncler Syria to launch in the capital, Cairo, Egypt from the Arab League headquarters in Syria opposition leader egg output, trying to stop them on the seat and the leaders will discuss the situation in Syria. Analysis, said the events of Cairo to reflect significant differences in serious opposition in Syria. After eight months of protests against the government of President Assad, the opposition is trying to overcome power struggles and experience of the difficult problems. The existence of these differences in the protests of the opposition is a slow process, it can not implement effective measures. Today it may be against some basic questions, even about the different views of the possibility of negotiating with the government of President Assad to ask for foreign military intervention, etc.

Protesters in Cairo are obviously concerned about opposition leaders agreed to negotiate with XuZhengFu, preparation and discussion of “the Syrian National Commission for Coordination” delegation run four eggs, which complicates attempts meeting. Members of the delegation, about 100 demonstrators, “despite the key Blood” were forced to return. The protesters shouted “No to negotiate with governments!” Members of the delegation said officials will then go and dress in a couple of hours to continue the meeting. However, there are officials, a member of the delegation by the Secretary, who initiated the talks. The internal opposition in Syria, “the national coordinating committee of Syria”, and another opposition “Syrian National Committee” The competition is tough. The last was in October in Turkey against Moncler and to set the negotiations. A member of the opposition, that “the manifestation of Cairo be acceptable to prevent women Moncler Assad government is serious monologues and both achieve our goals.”

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For personal reasons were the resignation

White House chief Middle East advisor Dennis 10, personal reasons, announced his resignation, now President Obama took office in 2009, named at the beginning of the three special envoys for the Middle East and South Asia to replace all. As the Gulf and South-West and the affairs of the Special Adviser on Ross made a statement, said he accepted the appointment of Obama’s wife had promised moncler jackets open two years, is leaving the company, now that he was ” with the promise of the time. ” The spokesman Jay White House press at a press conference, Ross said he wanted to leave earlier this year, as expected, but for the Middle East and North Africa, the political development of severe turbulence, the result is there to be close to a term of one year.

Ross Carney in the affairs of Iran has contributed a great deal of praise that U.S. sanctions and work hard to Iran, “designed” to isolate and said earlier this year, “Arab spring” after the outbreak of the movement, studied how the White House on the stones to help the situation on the ground. As high-level experts in the Middle East increased 62 years in the most famous of the profession, and maintains close relations with Israeli leaders. In the moncler decision and the southwest and the economy after the Special Counsel, was Obama on Iran is one of the most trusted advisors, and often to give lectures in the Middle East to the Palestinians in Israel. 10, Ross announced his resignation, which is the Middle East and helped the Obama administration on the issue of South Asia three “former minister” replace all.

In January 2009, after the White House, Barack Obama, in less than two months, three special envoy for Middle East and South Asia to attend the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Moncler. 3 more people from outside Ross, Middle East envoy, George is still as economics, HuoErBuLuKe as Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan issues. Results in December 2010 in the work of the Council of State HuoErBuLuKe has had a heart attack and died, not three days after his post by former ambassador to Turkey, is brand ambassador in May this year was followed by George also announced his resignation, and its position in its own “in hand”, took over the former deputy special representative to visit David in the Middle East.


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Take the car in Pascal Berlusconi

Media reports 9 of the report, suffered a severe debt crisis and the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, an unprecedented crisis of confidence, and the number of members. However, in this “second time, Silvio Berlusconi, was clearly not forgotten Moncler online” romantic happy “in the face of a major vote of confidence last night, always with a color Senator Francesca” overnight “.
According to the report, the local time of 7 nights to take someone from Moncler Berlusconi in Rome PASCAL drive from home to leave until the next morning, 22 hours. Pascal was the daughter of television advertising, is now Berlusconi’s people in Congress.

Pascal explained below, the media only photographed his car at the home of Silvio Berlusconi, at least, that “without shame.” At the same time, also welcomed cheap moncler jackets PASCAL Silvio Berlusconi refused to support the IMF, “one people” but “exploded.” In January this year, said Silvio Berlusconi with a woman who is working on a formal affair, this woman was not allowed to enjoy parties and other activities are not appropriate. At that time, the Italian media speculation of a possible girlfriend Pascal. To do this, Pascal Lamy, said “no comment”.

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The U.S. Senate voted 10

The U.S. Senate voted 10, a veteran of the use of tax benefits account, the account of one of the recent efforts of U.S. government to promote the use of successful efforts. The Moncler baseline, the unemployment rate of employment for at least 4 weeks veterans of the company will receive $ 2,400 in tax breaks, rent more than six months unemployed veterans receive $ 5,600 in tax cuts business, hiring long-term unemployment and veterans during military service that the company violated receive $ 9600 in tax benefits. The bill also unemployed veterans and training.

House plans to vote next week and is expected to get the bill with probability. This will make the bill Obama recently by the government for employment for the first time, congressional approval of the unit to promote and keep the chicken in the UK. President Obama will be voted in the House of Representatives to approve the method of the Palestinian Authority signed a law. Obama said in a statement the day of the veterans of the country should not be looking for a work at home and fight. He called the House action as soon as possible, while others help with bills to create a few jobs. The figures show that the White House now has 14 million unemployed in the United States, including 850,000 veterans.

For job creation, economic growth, Obama issued in September $ 447.000.000.000 in total employment. Due to opposition from Republicans, the bill Congress is not delayed. Since then, the democratic government of Moncler clothing bill is divided point by point to obtain the consent of Congress, but the accounts have been blocked several previous Republican. The Obama administration has recently proposed a series of administrative measures to address the Congress hopes to boost economic recovery.


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Russian Duma elections Moncler distance to the left of a month

Russian Duma elections Moncler distance to the left of a month, but the recent campaign, but often disputes Putin. 8, Putin’s own party, United Russia, the abuse of public power and suspected pornographic propaganda. Meanwhile, recent polls show Putin’s popularity began to decline. Celebrated Russian Duma elections next month, elections were called an overview of the presidential elections, where each part in the preparations for election and accumulation. As the ruling party of Russia and Putin, United Russia is no exception. Now the big cities, including Moscow and St. Petersburg to put campaign posters on the streets of the party is United Russia. But it is also due to the problems of the posters, the party was involved in a dispute.

First, there are opposition parties accused the posters and poster shows MoSiKeShi Election Commission itself, this practice is that the administrative resources of the Government of the United Russia party public “abuse,” violates the principle has been free and fair elections . Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation is that “dozens of circle Moncler outlet field,” said the Election Commission should explain MoSiKeShi because she is against Russian posters of the party. Officials of the Central Election Commission also said they do not believe that this similarity is illegal. The opposition is planning a meeting demands Russia party in the elections fairly.

8 and resistance against the ad campaign in the Russian Internet content expressed dissatisfaction with the suspicion of child pornography. In a few young couples come to the polls, and “flirting” here in public. She grabbed the man’s neck, you press the bar, the man began to breathe deeply. At that moment a wave of music, the image moves to other scenes. Seconds later, the hairstyles of two people, not the dead, and remain on the lens in the vote. Advertising taken in time of diffusion of the language, “let’s do it.” Safety Committee of the Duma vice-president of the root indicates that the man is asked to investigate deco ยท the duration of advertising, but for reasons not porn, but unconstitutional. For the vice president believes that the votes are to fill a platform to learn and write ads that appear in young men and women share, one vote should be a cheap moncler jackets. But United Russia party members have “porn” and “unconstitutional means” a pig. They say they use the Internet for young people to vote is a way to correct, if the ads are some young people as members. Although United Russia is the use of various means to help young voters, but the outcome is unclear. According to a survey conducted by the agency that Russia, United Russia’s rating, the last week and 60%, but 7, but fell to 51%, show that some people can produce for the match of the avalanche of publicity some fatigue “aesthetics.”


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