Square put up About Top 20 individual tents

Moncler from all corners of Great Britain line 9 thousand students and media “in the demonstrations in central London, protests in universities and tuition fees are increased privatization in 4000 to defend the police, is the parade of the peace process, nor sun serious conflicts receive messages, said the parade in the city and the Cathedral of St. Paul “was held in London,” before delivering them to effect the appointment of the protesters. When the reporter arrived at noon in the vicinity of the Cathedral of St. Paul does not have the program but found that the police bs line train number, many of the police car and surrounded by armed with Moncler vests to protect police, the Exchange London is almost full. Then the journalist in the vicinity of Trafalgar Square, in front under the slogans of the flag parade “accompany” a number of police officers “and” Police see, after the number of police cars “last”, the police were in the fleet of helicopters, almost parade in his pocket. The demonstrators called “free education” were “abandoned tuition fees” and “cut”, “Cameron to resign” signs banners and chanted slogans. While police kept, but there are still a few people showed up at a breakthrough marched in Trafalgar Square, about 20 tents, but was later withdrawn by police.

If journalists underground after his return to St. Paul’s Cathedral, near the police found a significant increase, but not along the parade route at the Museum of London “held in London” does not meet before March, and the action of the protesters plan to participate. The British government has decided that next year are the highest enrollment rates to increase to 9,000 pounds per year, which is about three times the current enrollment. Late last year, London has been massive protests and finally became serious violence. You must learn the lessons of last year and August this year, the experience of the police in London, warned in September as the parade in the process of serious violence, it will use its rubber bullets against the perpetrators. In JingGaoSheng and more experience with the police about the last nine peace process and the stage of the parade from years of violence in the form of extremely high contrast. Evaluation of the police, the “national education movement” of the jacket Moncler case of the organization, participants were more than 2000 people, but after seeing the journalist, the actual number could be far from this number. Although the peace process and parade around, but police released the same day another 20 people were arrested but not disclose the specific reason for the detention.



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