The Attorney General of the International

“Not escape justice,” The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court General 9 moncler jackets, The Hague, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, said he believed that Gaddafi’s son says Yifu is relevant also to gather intelligence chief Libya ordered the rape of men at the door of Mr. West, Abdullah the application of evidence based on the soldiers. The International Criminal Tribunal in The Hague earlier this year to the former leader of Libya’s Gaddafi and his son, “Mr. West Yifu and plug three CNN International, published by the International Police Organization also in the Red Bulletin to help more 180 countries, members arrested three people. Three men have agreed to include “humanitarian sin,” the series of crimes.

Gaddafi was taken up dead as luck in his hometown, Luis Moreno-Ocampo in several interviews that now issued by the criminal court for the arrest of the three objectives, we have two suspects son of Gaddafi “moncler online intelligence chief and Libya, Alessio M. Westgate. Moreno Ocampo said the court would follow the evidence and still continue to try to catch two people. The beginning of November, the Security Council of the United Nations said it had ordered the investigation of Mr. West has plug soldiers loyal to Gaddafi’s allegations of rape on a large scale. Moreno-Ocampo also said it’s the last time you contacted Yifu himself in two weeks. once said, “go to the International Yifu Criminal Court, but Yifu back “now its refusal to” request.

According to reports, on October 31, the media, Yifu in the register of the International Criminal Court accused, visited New “an intentional misrepresentation.” His intention is suggested that even Moncler Libyan territory and the international connection, Mr. West. On the other hand, reported to authorities in Libya, “Transitional National Committee, hope in Libya Yifu and connect the national judge Mr. West. Moreno-Ocampo said that in January and” transitional national committee to meet with representatives organizations to discuss the issues.


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