The headquarters of the Syrian Arab League

Protesters angry at line 9 moncler Syria to launch in the capital, Cairo, Egypt from the Arab League headquarters in Syria opposition leader egg output, trying to stop them on the seat and the leaders will discuss the situation in Syria. Analysis, said the events of Cairo to reflect significant differences in serious opposition in Syria. After eight months of protests against the government of President Assad, the opposition is trying to overcome power struggles and experience of the difficult problems. The existence of these differences in the protests of the opposition is a slow process, it can not implement effective measures. Today it may be against some basic questions, even about the different views of the possibility of negotiating with the government of President Assad to ask for foreign military intervention, etc.

Protesters in Cairo are obviously concerned about opposition leaders agreed to negotiate with XuZhengFu, preparation and discussion of “the Syrian National Commission for Coordination” delegation run four eggs, which complicates attempts meeting. Members of the delegation, about 100 demonstrators, “despite the key Blood” were forced to return. The protesters shouted “No to negotiate with governments!” Members of the delegation said officials will then go and dress in a couple of hours to continue the meeting. However, there are officials, a member of the delegation by the Secretary, who initiated the talks. The internal opposition in Syria, “the national coordinating committee of Syria”, and another opposition “Syrian National Committee” The competition is tough. The last was in October in Turkey against Moncler and to set the negotiations. A member of the opposition, that “the manifestation of Cairo be acceptable to prevent women Moncler Assad government is serious monologues and both achieve our goals.”


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