South African Foundation for March 4

South Africa Durban climate program at the end of the first week. Although most of the time in the first week, the parties to a number of important differences, however, but the news last week, said the climate change conference has reached a preliminary draft, the draft agreement was established that documents of prime importance. Reports say that the project for all involved, such as jackets moncler list of important topics in the different negotiating options, guidelines for monitoring. The United Nations Convention on Climate Change (the Convention) Secretariat Executive Secretary Felipe said negotiations grace 3, the weather had some “significant progress”. Philip said that the meeting was “a set of long-term ad hoc working group”, the negotiations were officially launched with the text, the text of 130 pages or merger of the conference on climate agreement reached in Durban, in the future of the Foundation.

In addition, followed by China, India, Brazil and South Africa, 3 four founding members, along with the climate conference in Durban, Fair published an article entitled Sustainable Development, Technical Report. The report for the rest of the allocation of airspace and how time and resources available for development proposals is running. The base four for the report, the Kyoto Protocol (hereinafter referred to as the Protocol “) of” Annex One Country “(ie developed countries) have an excess of carbon in the first room use are in degree British moncler considerable development, this in an equitable distribution of carbon in space conditions is not over yet, said the list of “one country” (ie, development of the country) has little space dioxide emissions carbon, “the annex of a country” and the development of the left, this situation should be reversed: .. “the annex of a country” is to fully implement the emissions of volunteers to act, and “Appendix of a country “in a carbon budget over the border to start working, but for the meeting of two great questions to house protocol” second stage designer and green resources for the weather, the parties are still big differences.

In the green background to the climate, as well as the United States, Saudi Arabia, “minorities” remains the design of an intermediate position of the Group of 77 and China, the small island states, the Union, Europe and the opinion negotiating group established to administer the funds and directed to do immediately. The EU believes that in principle can not finance a project of the transition committee “full extent” to accept the list while the parties to resolve the administrative authority of the Fund under the new letter request. The EU is the Plan will receive more support. However, the current president of Moncler relations and cooperation, said the South African Minister of Sabah horse, 6, from the talks is expected in a high level to solve the problems left by history. In addition, reports from the media, he said, many investment banks and distributors of climate-related court and analysts. The protocol “to limit emissions of greenhouse gases in 2012, and negotiations at the UN climate conference in the year to reach an agreement against the renewal. In this context, investment banks have also reduced problems with proper investment. ” Industry decision to leave the one hand, the refusal by the employer, on the other hand, can not see the prospects of development itself. “French Industrial Bank in London said he was Director of the European Union Energy Research at Rutgers,” is very sad. ”

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