The cleaning of equipment in the plant

Tokyo Electric Power Company 4 Number of Foreign Affairs announced on f island is the first company in the sale of nuclear radiation intensity of pollution of water leakage accident occurred facility, part of the wastewater can moncler online through the channel to the sea, but Tokyo Electric Power Company, said that even if the wastewater does not go to sea to the negative effects. After the introduction of the Electricity Company of Tokyo, a leakage accident of the nuclear power system is the water treatment plant discharged after radiation exposure in freshwater. Now, after treatment, but the effluent still contains large amounts of radioactive material. At the time of the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima were about 220 tons of post-treatment of wastewater.

4 days in the eleven and a half to first principles, the duties of staff in the cleaning system works to a depth of 5 cm closes around 45 cubic meters of water, the device immediately. Clock at 14:30 or so, the audit found that the leakage of waste water is part of the building through cracks in the exterior, flight, and in the sea As a result, estimates of sewage flow moncler the output of this is an accident of flight about 45 tons. To avoid leaks, the occurrence of employee rights sandbags blocked drainage. East, said that the device can be turned on radiocaesium absorption and distillation after the escape of salt water into fresh water. Still, the cesium leakage Moncler all drains approximately 45,000 liters of Henri Becquerel, the equivalent in Japan on standard deviation of 300 times or more. And strontium, after removal of the water treatment plants can not, however, the concentration of the standards of Japan, a million times or so.

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