The Communist Party of Russia

The Russian Central Electoral Commission announced on 5 Moncler 95.71% of the vote after the unification of Russia votes for the ruling party and 49.54% in the next State Duma was the big game State to maintain first. However, the party won parliamentary elections in the last seat, with capacity for 77, which means that the party is strong. Russian Central Election Commission has in the 5 was 95.71% of the votes after the voting agreement with Russia to the ruling party and 49.54% in the next State Duma, the first major party status to maintain. The Central Election Commission, Vladimir said, according to statistics, the voting was over, all over Russia for the next game, the State Duma is scheduled to be held within 450 seats of 238 seats, get the largest number of seats. The Communist Party of Russia, the first opposition parties have 92 seats. Moreover, the courts of Russia and the Russian Liberal Democrats 64 seats and 56 seats actions. However, this result is much lower than the performance of the United Russia party four years ago.

All parts of Russia in the last parliamentary elections, winning 315 seats. The parliamentary elections won 77 seats in free fall, means that United Russia on the rise. The Russian Communist Party is considered the winner of the election. The head of the Russian Communist Party Gennady Zyuganov said that the roots of the season · Results of the elections showed that voters and somewhat questionable decision “Russia faces many problems of the parka.” Party members, Sergei said, “the new political situation in Russia.” Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin issued, the head of the Russian party of the series at the party headquarters in the capital city of Moscow will give a short speech. That does not specifically mention the United Russia party is “working” and supporters, said: “This is a mirror image of the current situation in the country results optimistic.” The press conference, Putin briefly appear very lonely. Some of the “between the Communist Party, the Party of Russia, four defendants, against the existence of a compass parliamentary vote. Gennady Zyuganov, said supervisor reveals Russian Communist Party of the Russian Federation Moscow, the capital for a interrogation 300 votes before the vote, a box was placed, the polling stations in Moscow and one in the North Caucasus Federal District of the capital in Rostov, also produced similar cases. And some people say the game “for be Russian Communist surveys regulators and supervisors perceive are prohibited.

4, election day, many websites and regulators in the media, said the meeting “hacker” paralyzed, act as if someone wants to avoid violations of electoral law reports published information. Echo of Moscow radio hit, he said, sought the intervention of the Central Electoral Commission to conduct a criminal investigation. Echo of Moscow radio Gazprom holds that people of the liberal opposition are very popular. AFP, closed polling Moncler jackets, Radio Echo of Moscow’s new website to normal. In addition, the new times in the week “and” the business of newspapers, etc. piracy paralyzed. All parts of Russia has failed to make more than two-thirds majority of the Constitution, the Constitution will be the main problems in all parts of Russia for the support of other group members changed. Medvedev said after the elections in view of the forthcoming reform of Parliament, force structure, all parts of Russia has good relations with other parties on certain issues and the other party in maintaining the alliance Duma.

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