Show Congratulations to Twins

The birth of twins is not unusual, but was born five years apart Dragon Tire heard? After England, “Daily Post” January 5 days for the report, British Russert, if the county has some sounds so incredibly Moncler things to do. The couple gave the son of Ruby, five years later, in 2011, one year of Rubin “twins,” the sister of Aaron Flores. Be deployed, in fact, the test-tube baby twins, with the group of eggs and sperm for the group of the union, only one other time in the mother’s body.

Mr. and Mrs. Black is ready to friends and family came to be praised by the twins, 45, shows Simon said: “All the arrival of a new very interesting life, to a lesser extent, as Rubin. Moncler always say, the United Kingdom, “can not help but notice that the path we are twins. . I can almost reactions of the people were very surprised, I think that surprised “Ms Jody White said ..” It’s amazing, I think people are very, very surprised, that can come to us for a few minutes, the reaction time to nine months to realize that, oh, we have two times surprising Rubin. “Mr. and Mrs. Black in 2005 to try in vitro fertilization (IVF). At that time, the couple had five fertilized egg, two pieces of clothing Moncler implantation uterus, the other three quarters for doctors produced for the freezing storage 9 . December 2006, where Mrs. Black to a son of Ruby. The other three parts are stored fertilized eggs in March 2011. At that time, the couple is expecting their second child. In the process of thawing, three pieces of egg fertilized only one survived. So Mrs. Black started the second attempt at IVF baby and pregnancy after 39 weeks by cesarean Aaron Flores. Jody said her sister Ruby is very fascinating. “He always says that Florida was chicken and chips Aaron has to stay in the freezer, but also how to achieve this is her twin sister, but I do not know, of course, is the more specific work. They are similar, Rubin increase in the release of birth, Aaron Florida. “


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