As a result of the wrongful death against Disney World biker accidents

Killed the mother of a boy of nine years at Disney Fort Wilderness Lodge in April 2010, has now filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Walt Disney Parks and Resorts worldwide. This combination is the result of a fatal accident when a child was killed by a Disney bus transportation during the trip came with the bike. The facts of this case shows, believes in the importance of conducting an accident investigation at the beginning of the detection of specific and potential legal theories preserve.

In April this year, a 9-year-old, whose family lived in operating income for Disney Fort Wilderness Lodge was cycling along a service road to the cabin, where it appeared the impact side bus Disney and was removed from the rear wheels. Review at the time of Disney World Florida Patrol road and found that the bus driver was not at fault, and that made the bike ride through the puncture of children on the side of the bus. Many passengers on the bus confirmed the version of events, which means that the child’s bicycle on the side wall of the bus he was driving.

On the surface, or Disney World or the bus driver should have no responsibility for the accident. By all accounts and versions of the accident was the front of the bus, the child safely in the bicycle and the bus was traveling at the wrong speed. However, the investigation by the Prosecutor of the family that the area where the accident occurred, the lack of sidewalks or driveways, even though he was a busy pedestrian area cyclist. The Board has determined the family to the Court that pedestrians are forced on the area of ​​the sidewalk and unpaved road or wetlands presented to avoid traffic. In addition, sidewalks and roads were poorly designed, and to leave the bicycle and pedestrian ramps and gullies to leave the ground. Thus, the study did not concentrate on driving the bus driver, but with the condition of the road and sidewalks.

Without the experience of a qualified personal injury lawyer, as an investigation after the fatal accident is not relevant to legal theory and the child’s family could not for the conscious pain and suffering child are compensated and ultimately death. Obviously, family rights and interests protected and persecuted because of experience and expertise of its lawyers. If you think you are in a situation where they have been in an accident and other studies may be warranted, contact an attorney immediately.

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