Two new settlements between school districts

Two new settlements between school districts and students highlight the intolerance of society in general in schools about bullying. As mentioned in previous blog, the New Jersey recognizes an appeal against the school board if the school administration can not, or attempt to prevent the intimidation of a student by another. We found in our previous blog, which is the basis of these processes to the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination New Jersey (LAD). The union of “bullying” cause of action in the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, an applicant may be able to receive punitive damages and attorneys’ fees, plus damages.

Lenape Valley Regional High School District in Stanhope, New Jersey, recently reached an agreement of $ 275,000.00 for a student of the old school who is black, said that administrators do not properly handle repeated racial harassment by white students against him. In another case of intimidation and harassment, the U.S. Department of Education, a voluntary agreement with the public school system in Hawaii in a harassment complaint from the parents of a high school student presented was intimidated entered repeatedly by other students. The alleged harassment had affected their school attendance and grades.

Therefore, it is unclear to us at this time that the State of Hawaii recognizes that an action in New Jersey, parents of high school students filed a complaint with the Department of Education, alleging discrimination against her daughter was . The agreement between the Ministry of Education in the United States and Hawaii requires that public school administrators and teachers of different sensitivity and harassment training to recognize more easily the existence of the same subject.

Given the current social trends in technology, such as Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, it seems that bullying is increasing the number of cases, and can also pass through the doors of the school. In this context, we expect that the presentation of the causes of action not only on bullying, harassment, but by other social media. An attorney versed in current developments in negligence law determine the best way to deal with the same kind to follow, in any case, you’ll be sure to consult a lawyer as soon as possible if you or a loved one, compared to bullying.

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