Open Water Revisited

A man who fell into the Pacific Ocean, while diving has recently received $ 1.68 million by a jury in Los Angeles. The California man sued the company for negligence charter dive into the ocean about 12 miles from the coast to left. The complaint said the dive site by boat charter in the first left and then a second dive site approximately 7 km away from its position in the water. Fortunately, a passing boat later elected him. This is in contrast to the situation in open water, has proved a happy ending, which was finally rescued. The fate of the lost at sea, took about 3 hours.

This New Jersey is a state bordering the Atlantic coast, it is not unreasonable that an incident may occur in the waters of New Jersey. Obviously, any business of yacht charter or diving duty and obligation to ensure that all divers, excels in its entirety before making a return to the coast or to the front. In this context, is that these companies to maintain an accounting system that is used as a way to account for those who have walked the sea and beneath the surface. In our opinion, not having a charter company as an accounting system not only negligence but gross negligence, that the most likely to ensure that punitive damages.

If you are injured or family members or by a letter from the company, diving, boat or otherwise abused over the sea or the desert, it is important to contact an attorney to determine the extent of their rights.

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